I Hate New Years Resolutions

This morning I went to the gym–like I do nearly every weekday morning–and found the parking lot more crowded than usual. Inside I found nearly all the cardio machines full and the weight room more crowded than normal. Then I remembered–it’s the beginning of January! That means a bunch of people made resolutions to “get in shape”, “go to the gym”, or “get fit”… so what that means for gym regulars is this: January-March the gym will be crowded and by May it will have tapered off back to the normal amount. This leads me to my post topic: why I hate New Years resolutions, which will now be referred to as NYR.

Why does one day make people all of the sudden want to change? If there are things about yourself or your life that you are unhappy with, why do people wait to change as a NYR? Yes, I’ve bought into the hype of making a NYR but you know what I found out? They don’t stick.

You make a list of things you’re gonna change, you go strong for a few months, then you fizzle out when you lose energy and desire. Then you (most likely) feel worse about yourself than you did before. It just doesn’t make sense.

In September I began working out and dieting, because I knew I needed that for a happier life. If people know they need this, why do they believe starting “fresh” will make it any more possible? The longer you wait, the harder it gets. I just hate NYR because I think it’s an excuse for people to be lazy until the first of the year.

Anyone agree? Disagree?

People: … just make goals all year and accomplish them! Or at least try!

Edit: Sorry to those who *love* NYR and always make them. MAYBE they work for some people but they just don’t work for me.

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  • http://www.google.com/profiles/itsmoirob Robbie

    I agree.

    I think it's nice that people want to take this opportunity to change something about their lives that they are not happy.

    What I dislike is, as you have mentioned, people give up after a few months.

    I suppose in my perfect World your gym would always be full then, which isn't good :-D So perhaps it's good the World is imperfect.

    So did you yourself make any resolutions this year?

    The only resolution I have, not particularly a NYR but a returning to England one, is to get a driving licence. I hope I can accomplish that.

  • Shelby Stidham

    Well I have things I want to do this year but they really aren't NYR as much as they are just goals for time in my life.

    Getting a driver's license is a good goal because it is something you want, that may make your life easier, and it is definitely do able. Good luck. I think you can accomplish that.

  • Ashli T.

    If you made resolutions you kept, you might love them.

    I am not much for 'em either, though.

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