The month of Halloween is upon us! That means… golds & reds, holiday drinks at Starbucks, scarves & sweaters, chilly morning air and so many other “fall” things! :)

What is your favorite part of fall?

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With a blue photo filter, shot in raw mode without flash outside using the 50mm lens.

Vinny 2

Edited saturation & exposure (gamma, too) in PS4, shot in raw mode without flash outside using the 50mm lens.

Now which catches your eye more?


Left or Right? Matt says the right looks weird to him but I kind of like it. I was going for a faux-HDR look, as well as aged. I think it turned out fair, considering all I did was mess with the Shadows & Highlights tool.


vinny 3

I also added a minor canvas filter to this one after I realized the “old” look consisted of more than just a sepia photo filter.

So I ask again, which photo (just of the two above) catches your eye?

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You lookin’ at me?


Didn’t think so.

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Ready for Fall


Fall is full of beautiful colors and deserves to be photographed. Smile












These photos were shot in raw mode using a 50mm 1:1.4 lens on my Canon EOS 50D. They have not been altered (yet) in any way.

Do you enjoy fall colors?

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Time for a Change

My blog is taking a change… for the better, I think.


I spend a lot of my time taking photographs and editing them. I also like to create things in Photoshop. These are things that I am proud to be (somewhat!) knowledgeable about. So my blog will now be centered around my photography, the process of it (good and bad) and my attempts at creativity.


I still run and cross-train at least 5 days a week. I will still bake and cook. I will still find dumb junk off the internet. I just won’t talk about it anymore. Hey, it’s not like it was that interesting anyway. But if you are one of the select few that is interested, feel free to e-mail me about anything under the sun… just because I won’t talk about it here doesn’t mean I won’t talk about it… so feel free! Make-up, work outs, food, Leon, Vinny, my job… whatever you feel like discussing or asking… I’m an open book!

Tahoe Wedding 3

I think I will be able to produce better posts because I will be more passionate about each and every one. There may be less because these will take more time and creative efforts, but they will be better. Less is more anyway, right? Winking smile


I hope everyone stays aboard and comments and continues to be readers so everyone can see my blog (and me) evolve! Smile

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